Photo Archive

Click on a link below to see the photos of our recent meetings.

Hover the mouse over the venue and then, when the cursor changes to a hand, left click and you will be taken to the album, you will then see a screen full of ‘thumbnails’.  Next click on the four outward pointing arrows icon (top right) to render the page full screen. Depending on the size of your screen and its resolution you should be able to see 30-50 images per page. To see an individual, full resolution image, simply click on the thumbnail. In addition to the full size image you will see any caption that may be present, a forward and back arrow and an exit ‘X’ at top right

Downloading images

To download a thumbnail right click over it and select ‘Save image as..’.

When you are looking at a single, full res image use the screen capture facility as follows:

Apple Mac: Hold down Cmd and shift and hit the number 4 (not F4), next draw around the photo and then press enter.  That will place a PNG image on your desktop

PC:  Use the Snipping tool.  You can find that under Windows Menu > All apps> scroll to the bottom and look for ‘Windows Accessories’, click on that and you should find ‘Snipping tool’.  Open it and select ‘Rectangular snip’ under mode, then New.  Next draw around the image , press Enter and then you will have options to ascribe a file name,save and select the format (PNG, JPG, GIF, Etc.) and its destination. If required you can adjust the ‘date taken’.

All images are at high resolution and have been reorganised, many new captions added, and the images transferred to our own server, where they are secure.  On this page are the ‘Academic’ photos.  If you are a member you will see, when you log in, an extra tab at the top of the screen labelled ‘Gallery’. Therein are all the cultural and social photographs.  These changes have also allowed images to load much faster (approx 1.5sec vs 15-20 sec!).

Keep coming back to have a browse!   Brian Ellis Assistant Archivist

Year Overseas Home
2018 Budapest Cardiff
2017 Belgium Irwin Cambridge
Belgium Macafee
2016 Toronto London St George’s
2015 Madrid Middlesbrough
2014 Brittany London St Mary’s
2013 Virginia Birmingham
2012 Ireland Leicester
2011 Switzerland Aberdeen
2010 Cuba & Barbados Nottingham
2009 Iceland London (Northwick Park)
2008 Greece Glasgow
2007 China Salisbury
2006 Ashford