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Click on a link below to see the photos of our recent meetings.

Hover the mouse over the venue and then, when the cursor changes to a hand, left click and you will be taken to the album in a new browser window.  All the photos are at high resolution.

After the photo slideshow has started click the grey box in the bottom right corner with outward pointing arrows; that will render the images ‘full screen’.  Next place your cursor at the top right of the screen and click ‘show info’, that will show captions as the slide show runs. You can also toggle captions on/off by clicking the middle of the screen, advance a slide by clicking on the right side and go back by clicking on the left.  In this mode the keyboard may not respond.  The speed of the change can be adjusted by selecting ‘options’ in the top right corner.

There are over 7,800 images in these albums so, if you prefer to see more than one image at a time, move your mouse and you will see a message in the top left corner ‘<<Back to your xxxx set’; select that and you will see 8-12 images per screen.  If you then click the symbol, one in from the top right, that looks like 2 rows of bricks you will see even more per screen. You can then scroll down using the wheel on your mouse; to get details of any photo select it and underneath you will see any caption and the details of the camera and exposure etc; from there you can page back and forth through the photos.  When you have viewed an album select the ‘<<Back to your xxxx set’, if you haven’t already done so, and then select ‘see all albums’ where you can select another TSS visit.

As of the trip to Toronto the images have been split into Academic and Cultural.

Please feel free to download any images you wish.  Happy viewing…

Keep coming back to have a browse!   Hon Sec

Toronto Academic
Toronto Cultural and Social
2009IcelandNorthwick Park
2007Hong Kong & GuilinSalisbury
Xian, Beijing & ShanghaiCharterhouse